New Job Titles for Marketers?

Every year, the team at Outsource Marketing continues to develop their skills through ongoing education, attendance at seminars and knowledge transfer sessions. Recently, two of our members, Cheryl Schindler and Dusty Yurkin attended a BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association event entitled, the Changing Role of the Marketer.

We would like to share a few things that we learned at this informative and well organized event.

Titles in our industry are constantly changing based on the needs of organizations. With the current trends and challenges of Big Data, more organizations are looking for individuals to capture, analyze and extract the valuable insights that data can provide for our content driven marketing efforts. Marketing titles such as Lead Data Analyst, Data Planner and Analytics Storyteller are quickly replacing former titles such as Marketing Coordinator or Marketing Specialist. Employers are seeking qualified individuals to help them reduce the noise and extract the valuable data to tell a good story and predict consumer behaviour. However, the question remains…where does an employer find this specialized marketing professional? Is there one program that teaches all of the skills required? If there was such a program, would this individual possess the experience or soft skills required to tell the story?

Organizations need to have robust training and development programs in order to retain qualified marketing staff, but more importantly to ensure that they stay relevant. By providing ongoing training, development and the permission to keep learning, they can retain marketing staff and ensure that quality leads are being acquired. They need to be able to analyze the data and they will need to know why. Knowing the objective and running experiments with the data can help to generate a great story. After all, we still need a human to tell the story. Idea generation and storytelling can’t be replaced with a program…at least not yet.