Happy New Year

Happy Holidays

In 2018, Outsource Marketing experienced significant growth with three new members joining our team. In May, Warren Mirko joined our team as Marketing Director.  With nine years’ experience in public relations, corporate, and government affairs, Warren is a valuable asset to our firm. In September, Payal Jhaveri joined our team as a full-time graphic designer with eight years’ experience specializing in corporate design.   Ending the year with another addition, Henry Randhawa signed on in December as a proposal reviewer, writer and editor. With the addition of Henry, we now have two Professional Engineers contributing to our proposal compliance team.

Our client base also experienced exponential growth as we had the opportunity to work with dozens of new clients in various sectors. In addition, we expanded our service offerings, particularly in the areas of proposal development and social media.  Overall, 2018 was our best year yet and we are very excited about the wealth of opportunities that 2019 can bring.

The Team at Outsource Marketing wishes everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!