Marketing Consultant

A marketing consultant at Outsource Marketing is a business to business and professional services expert. That’s our passion and sole focus.

We help small and medium-sized businesses implement marketing and brand strategies to grow revenue and increase new client acquisition. We’d like to do the same for you.

Marketing Plans

Every organization needs a marketing plan. It’s the key to spending your marketing budget wisely and winning new clients.

It should include a solid, maybe even bold, marketing strategy and outline tactics for achieving your business’ objectives.

The plans our marketing consultants write are straightforward, easy to understand and implement. They provide clear direction for your marketing and business development efforts.

Even before we get started, we’ll share with you the robust, systematic process we’ve perfected for creating highly effective marketing plans for our business to business clients.

Marketing Plans Vancouver
Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit

A marketing audit is a structured review of all your marketing activities, assets, and results. It involves a review of marketing and sales material. We will compile a list of strategies being implemented, gather input from key personnel, and conduct competitor research.

The goal of the audit is to identify the areas of your marketing that are working, what’s missing, and where additional attention is required.

A marketing audit will create clarity for you and your team, and ensure the right decision are made with your marketing budget.

Don’t spend another dollar on marketing before a marketing consultant completes an audit.

Website Audit

Does your website have the hallmarks of a best-practices business to business site?

Is it highly visible in search engine results? Does it produce a steady stream of new leads? Does it build your firm’s credibility and inform your audience? Does it communicate how you can address your buyers’ challenges?

A digital marketing consultant will answer these questions with our website audit.

Website audits are an essential measure to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and visibility of a site. Audits reveal how to improve Google search ranking while increasing site traffic, performance and goal conversions.

Our website audit will present your business with an exceptional opportunity for online growth.

Website Audit

Customized Engagements

Every business is unique. There is a good chance you have something specific that’s impacting your success. As your marketing consultant, we will tailor an engagement that addresses whatever marketing or business development challenge you are confronting.

We have deep expertise in the areas of business strategy, marketing, brandings, sales, business development, and digital transformation.

If any of the following situations sound familiar, a customized marketing engagement will provide you with the plan to move forward:

  • Competition is increasing and you’re concerned your business is falling behind
  • You’re disappointed with your marketing and sales results
  • Something has disrupted your business’ status quo – maybe technology, a new competitor or government legislation
  • You don’t understand how to take advantage of modern, digital marketing techniques
  • Your marketing staff is overworked, or you lack the financial resources to hire a skilled marketing team
  • You don’t have a strategy, and you’re focused solely on tactics


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