Proposal Writing Service

Just Like You, Our Proposal Writers Love to Win

Our proposal writing service will dramatically improve your chances of winning your next RFI, RFQ or RFP.

A winning business proposal demands a team of proposal experts that obsesses over every detail. Bid writers that love to author score-maximizing responses. Graphic designers that take great joy finding ways to visually communicate the strengths of your bid. Project managers born to keep the process moving forward. We ensure every requirement is met and deliver a submission on time, stress-free.

We want to win as much as you do. We’ve got the results to prove it.

A Few Proposal Writing Samples
Our RFP Writing Services Will Solve All Your Proposal Problems

Move Your Proposal from the Side of Your Desk to the Front of Ours

Let’s be honest – you don’t particularly like writing technical proposals. You do them at the end of the day, or on weekends when your business isn’t competing for your attention. But they need to get done because they represent revenue and growth opportunities.

For our team of professional writers, editors and designers, crafting professionally written bids for organizations like yours are why they wake up in the morning. You’ve got a business to run. Leave the RFP proposal writing to us.

Let Our Proposal Experts Be Your Competitive Advantage

We complete, on average, four proposals per month. Over the last 10 years, we’ve written nearly 500 submissions. We’ve won more than our fair share. But, we’ve lost a few as well. However, each RFP response was an opportunity to learn what works, and how to better persuade evaluators.

Every debrief has helped to refine our methodology and improve our clients’ odds of winning their next RFP response.

With each submission, our proposal writing service gets stronger, and our team of proposal experts more capable of delivering a winning RFQ or RFP. When you work with Outsource Marketing, our proposal writing experience becomes your competitive advantage.

Our Team is Dedicate to your Success
Our Proposal Writing Service Employs a Winning RFP Response Process

Follow Our Roadmap to Proposal Success

Without a well-defined process to follow, an understanding of best practices, and tools that streamline the work, proposal chaos can reign supreme – dramatically reducing your chances of authoring a winning submission. We’ve perfected all elements of proposal writing.

From the initial kick-off meeting through to final compliance and quality check, our proposal writing service is designed to efficiently produce high-quality proposals. With less anxiety and stress.

We’ve Helped Organization Just Like Yours Win

It’s one of the first questions we get – “Have you ever worked on a similar business proposal?” The answer is almost always “Yes.” We’ve helped clients from nearly every industry, including not-for-profit, win all types of proposals – projects large and small, across North America.

From a brief sales proposal to the most technical RFP submission, we’ve supported clients, just like you, win new work with professionally written project proposals. We’ve perfected the art of tailoring our service offering to fit the needs and budget of our clients.

Our Freelance Bid Writers Have Authored Winning Business Proposals Across North America.
Our RFP Writing Service Has Helped Win More Than $1.0B in New Projects.

An Impressive Record of Proposal Writing Success

When responding to a public RFQ or RFP, competition can be fierce and evaluators demanding. The difference between success and failure is often razor-thin. But with our expertise and proven proposal system, your chances of success are significantly higher. We’ve worked on every type of proposal.

We beam with pride every time we help a client win. Over the past decade, our technical proposal writers have done a lot of beaming. We’ve been on the winning side of more than 300 submissions with a total value of in excess of $1B. It’s a team effort, and we are fortunate to work with some very successful firms. But our clients are quick to acknowledge our sizable contributions.

During an initial 15-minute call, you’ll quickly understand why clients keep coming back to Outsource Marketing for proposal writing services, and how our proven proposal system delivers results. We’d be happy to share some past winning proposal samples.