Business Case for e-Commerce Site


Business Case for e-Commerce Site

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The Business Case Backstory

The objective of this business case was to assess the feasibility of launching an online-only, direct-to-consumer channel for the market and sale of kitchen cabinets. Our client was considering this venture to proactively position their firm in the online e-commerce space, and defend its market position from existing or future online-only cabinetry competitors.

Our Plan of Action for Business Plan Writing

We identified the top 10 areas of any successful enterprise and developed a list of the most important questions within each area. The objective of this business case was to answer each question in a way that provides direction to the successful launch and development of this new venture.

The business case included the following sections: business overview, the market, the competition, product, sales and marketing, customer service and support, operations, human resources, business management structure and reporting, and financial modelling.

Some of the key questions answered by the business case include:

    • What customer challenges are we solving?
    • What is the ‘unique value proposition’ that this business delivers?
    • What are the key challenges and opportunities for this business model?
    • How big is the market for the product/service?
    • How will the primary competitors react?
    • What is the pricing strategy?
    • What is the marketing strategy for the venture?
    • How can the digital marketing strategy be a key driver of business growth?
    • How will orders from online sales channels be managed compared to those from ‘bricks and mortar’ locations?
    • How many full time and part-time employees will be required to support the business at different revenue levels?
    • What are the revenue, cost and profitability objectives for the start-up?
    • Based upon revenue and cost projections, when will the venture reach break-even?

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Business Case for e-Commerce Site

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