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Creeation Consulting


Business Plan Writing for Non-Profit

Creeation Consulting

Started in 2013, and today led by Dorothy Wright, Creeation Consulting has made a significant contribution to First Nations communities in Edmonton.

Since securing its first contract to provide individualized care to severely challenged and at-risk Aboriginal youth, Creeation Consulting today operates four homes and is meeting the needs of eight individuals. For the youth that it helps, Creeation Consulting is often their last hope.

A First Nations Cree, Dorothy Wright considers CreeAtion Consulting as her conduit for restoring the First Nations way of life and giving Indigenous Peoples a clearer path to rediscovering who they are, and how to live an enriching life. Using her personal experience as motivation, Dorothy’s goals is to provide First Nations peoples with the necessary support and resources to overcome obstacles and thrive.


Business Plan Writing

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The Business Plan Backstory

The history of Indigenous people in Canada since colonization is fraught with tragedy and injustice. Violence, systematic oppression, and residential schooling shattered Indigenous nations and families.

Rather than inheriting a culture rich with tradition, valuable familial ties and kinship – and a language rooted in community rather than individualism – alienation, abuse and disadvantage are all that have been passed down to today’s generation of Indigenous Canadians. In Edmonton, which has the second-largest urban Indigenous population in Canada, these problems are part of the fabric of life.

The Place of Gathering is a community centre offering programs that reflect the traditional, Indigenous way of life. It will be a place that provides solace and a return to the Indigenous principles of navigating life, with programs that include:

    • Family and Parenting Skills
    • Foster Care
    • Group Care
    • Daycare
    • Health and Wellness
    • Advocacy and Support
    • Restorative Justice and Safe Communities

Our Plan of Action for Business Plan Writing

To help raise funds for such an important, bold, and sizable undertaking, Dorothy and Creeation Consulting needed more than just a business plan. They needed a document that told the story of Canada’s Indigenous peoples and explained how The Place of Gathering could become part of the solution for so many Cree youth and families, along those of other First Nations. Our goal, from the outset, was to convince potential funders that The Place of Gathering could change the outcomes experienced by so many of Canada’s Indigenous peoples and that the programs offered would help First Nations to relearn their culture and heritage.

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Business Plan Writing for Non-Profit

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