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Workplace Medical Corp. is tackling one of the most significant problems affecting organizations, both public and private, in Canada – employee absenteeism. For the past 65 years, Workplace Medical has been helping companies reduce avoidable absences with a comprehensive range of services that support its clients’ absence management prevention, response and return-to-work strategies. 

From employment medicals, wellness programs and testing for hearing, drugs and alcohol to absence management software and disability case management, Workplace Medical helps organizations prevent absences, quickly respond when absenteeism occurs, and return employees to work safely and efficiently.


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The Content Marketing Backstory

By virtually any measure, Workplace Medical is a Canadian business success story. The firm was founded in 1952 by Dr. Frank Shapiro to provide medical support services to small and medium-sized companies. At the time, only employees of Canada’s largest employers benefitted from occupational health services designed to keep them healthy, productive and on the job. 

Fast forward to 2017. The firm had grown to 100 employees and was providing a broad range of services, from medical exams, first aid training and hearing loss prevention to disability and absence management to organizations, both private and public, across Canada and the US.

As the firm grew, so did the need for a professionally run marketing team. Workplace Medical realized that they needed more than an in-house marketing coordinator. They needed a firm that could author and implement a lead generation strategy, one that helped position the firm as a thought leader in their field.

Our Plan of Action for Content Marketing

In September 2017, Workplace Medical’s President and CEO, Bill Shapiro, hired Outsource Marketing. The relationship began with Workplace Medical outsourcing their social media marketing and proposal management to us. Within a few months, Workplace Medical asked our firm to develop a content marketing strategy to generate and nurture leads for the firm’s seven operating divisions.

With a plan in place, our team of writers, graphic designers and social media strategists got to work. Over the past three years, we’ve authored both long and short-form content, including white papers, case studies, client success stories, and blog posts. And during that time, we helped promote their content through social media and email marketing.

Like many of our clients, we’ve never met Workplace Medical’s management team face to face. Our offices are 4,500 kilometres apart. But that hasn’t slowed us down one bit. Modern communication and collaboration tools have proven more than capable of bridging physical distances. And our responsiveness gives Workplace Medical peace of mind knowing that we can meet their lead generation needs through professionally written and executed content marketing strategies.


As of 2020, we’ve been Workplace Medical’s outsourced marketing department for nearly three years. We are authoring and implementing marketing plans for each of Workplace Medical’s six divisions and developing a new website and marketing automation platform that will prove to be a key element in their marketing, sales and service delivery processes.    

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Content Marketing for Medical Services

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