Corporate Brochure

Client: Core Associates

Service: Brochure

Project Description: Core Associates designs and builds software, from the ground up, based upon extensive user-group feedback. The result is timberscan, timberscan mobile, and a growing suite of applications that solve real-world businesses challenges faced by Construction, Real Estate and Contractor firms.

Today, timberscan is the market leader for A/P processing and Enterprise Content Management. Over the past decade, it’s been chosen by over 1,300 companies and 22,000 users.

This brochure had several objectives. First, it needed to communicate, in simple and easy to understand language, the value proposition of timberscan as well as timberscan mobile – how these products solve specific challenges or ‘pain points’ being experienced by target customers and integrate with Sage 100 / 300 CRE respectively. Second, it need to communicate the idea that timberscan is supported by a growing suite of applications (Capture, Commander, eForms) that remedy additional business challenges being faced by clients. Lastly, the brochure needed to boldly and creatively reinforce Core Associates’ brand essence and help the prospect envision what a future with timberscan would look like.

For any brochure to be successful, it must communicate on multiple levels (works, images/graphics, etc.) and impart information in ‘bite-sized’ chunks. Information that, taken individually, answer a logical, sequential list of questions or concerns that likely reside in the minds of potential customers. It must tell a story that places the reader at the centre, and helps them fully appreciate how a product or service, in this case, timberscan and its suite of applications, will put them fully ‘in control.’