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Client: Core Associates

Service: Logo Refresh

Project: TimberScan is the leading Accounts Payable (AP) approval processing and content management software for Sage 300 CRE users. Designed and distributed by Core Associates, Timberscan is available in hosted, mobile, and cloud-based applications serving more than 25,000 users worldwide.

The previous version of the Timberscan logo had established significant brand equity over the years, so the objective was to refresh the identify inline with the recently completed Core Associates brand brief.

In choosing a new font, our criteria included selecting a family of fonts that was modern and streamlined, but still had a degree of personality that was consistent with the Core Associates brand. It needed to be appropriate to the software/tech space, be forward looking but not overly technical or futuristic. The right font family needed to balance the ideas of progress and innovation with confidence, conservatism and control.

The Ts in the logo were streamlined and re-balanced – creating more “breathing room” between the various elements of the graphic. The Ts are now cleaner, more efficient and, as a result, the aesthetics of the graphic have been simplified.

In addition, the direction of the Ts were reversed – they now move clockwise representing progress and forward movement. Previously, the Ts were presented in a counter-clockwise direction.

An outer-ring was added that transitions in colour, clockwise from light to dark, to create an additional element of transition and progress. Finally, subtle shading was added to the graphic to enhance its visual appeal.

For the Timberscan 100, 300 and mobile versions of the logo, a horizontal element was added underneath the word-mark to “hold” the different descriptors of the main timberline product. To continue the idea of movement, progress, and transition to a digitized environment, subtle shading was added. The colour of the outer-ring for Timberscan 100, 300 and mobile matches the colour employed in the horizontal element.

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