Logo Design

Client: Merit Kitchens

Service: Logo Design

Project Description: It was over 40 years ago that Merit Kitchens was founded by craftspeople in Vancouver, British Columbia, to provide Western Canada with high-quality kitchens. The company has long been a world-class supplier of beautiful cabinetry, representing superior quality and extraordinary value.

Merit Kitchens proudly manufactures Lectus Cabinets. Introduced in 2012, Lectus cabinets offer discerning homeowners a value-driven balance of price, quality, and choice.

The idea behind Lectus Cabinets is a simple one – cabinets that look great, perform well, and cost a lot less than consumers expect. Cabinets that offer unbelievable value. Cabinets that make you feel, well, kind of like ‘the sharpest knife in the drawer.’

Though Lectus Cabinets was originally launched as a stand-alone brand, a strategy was developed in early 2016 that better positioned the Merit Kitchens and Lectus Cabinet brands – allowing them to peacefully co-exist in the minds of consumers. As a result, Lectus Cabinets required a new visual identity, and logo that reinforced its strong association with Merit Kitchens.









In addition, Outsource Marketing developed a compelling positioning strategy for Lectus cabinets that was based upon its unique value proposition:

  • Surprisingly Affordable;
  • Personalized Design;
  • Quality Construction; and
  • Born and Bred in BC.

Surprisingly Affordable

Personalized Design

Quality Construction

BC - Born and Bred