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Proposal Development for Engineering Firm

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Austin Engineering is an award-winning engineering firm located in Trail, BC, that specializes in hydropower and dam safety.

They are a family-owned and operated business that operates with a global mindset, often working on projects and creating solutions using cutting edge research and development. They are one of the leading firms in Canada to use 3D printed dam models for hydraulic and seismic testing, which is done in-house in their hydraulics lab or with their research partner, the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO).


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The Proposal Backstory

The District of Lake Country needed an organization to conduct dam safety reviews of three dam systems. The reviews consisted of thorough evaluations of all aspects of the design, construction, operation, maintenance, processes, and systems affecting the dam’s safety. Only a specialized, highly qualified dam safety contractor can provide these types of services.

Since 2008, Austin Engineering has slowly been establishing itself as an accomplished organization in dam safety, and they wanted a proposal that reflected this expertise and professionalism. They hired Outsource Marketing to help design and write a compelling proposal to show the District that they were a major player in this space.

Our Plan of Action for Proposal Writing

The first step for this proposal was to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the project requirements. Often, professional service firms invest most of their resources into developing their methodologies without first showing the evaluators that they understand the project. We know to avoid this mistake, so we paraphrased the scope of work laid out in the proposal document and supplemented it with past content from other Austin Engineering proposals.

Once we demonstrated our project knowledge, we then adapted previous methodologies to fit each of the project requirements. We went step-by-step, addressing each element of the scope of work, speaking in a way that can be understood by a layperson while also including industry terms only professional engineers would know. This way, the document appealed to all levels of expertise.

We used the desktop publishing software InDesign to create a beautifully designed layout, including custom graphics, organizational charts, and tables.


The thoroughness of our approach paid off, and Austin Engineering won the contract. They were elated with the victory and excited to work on future proposal projects with our proposal team.

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Proposal Development for Engineering Firm

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