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Hollyburn Family Services is a multi-service agency that has been providing support to children, youth, adults and families in the Greater Vancouver region since 1990.

They provide a range of professional counselling services to individuals, couples and families, supports families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other pervasive developmental disorders, provides residential care for children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges, and offers training and support to foster parents and extended families.


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The Backstory

The Ministry of Children and Family Development was soliciting proposals from qualified organizations to provide respite services for children and youth between the ages of 3 and 18. This work is important work. Many of these kids have emotional and mental health needs and have experienced adverse life events including trauma, neglect, and abuse.

Hollyburn Family Services is an expert in this area and has provided similar services to the Ministry over the years. However, Hollyburn’s team was working at capacity and needs help getting this proposal written and submitted on time. They hired Outsource Marketing to help win this important three-year contract worth approximately $1.5M.

Our Plan of Action

For this project, we began by reviewing several of Hollyburn’s past submissions. To save time and the client money, we wanted to harvest as much content as possible from past submissions. In addition to helping us learn more about Hollyburn, their services, and what makes them unique, this step gave us lots of raw content to re-purpose into a winning submission.

Next, we interviewed subject matter experts to address content gaps, and help us author score-maximizing responses. For this proposal, it was important that the responses demonstrated Hollyburn’s technical and clinical expertise, but without using language that would confuse the layperson.  

Lastly, to help Hollyburn’s proposal stand above the competition, we designed a professional look and feel for the document, and created graphics to reinforce some of the key concepts and ideas. After a few rounds of edits, it was ready to be submitted.


Shortly after submitting the Respite Homes for Children and Youth proposal, Hollyburn hired Outsource Marketing to help prepare another proposal for Staffed Specialized Residential Services. They won both submissions.  

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