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Privately owned and based from its headquarters in Courtenay, BC, AFC Construction has been providing Project Management (PM), Construction Management (CM) and General Contracting (GS) services on a wide variety of projects since the founding of the company in 2004. The firm’s portfolio is particularly strong in projects requiring innovative design and project delivery, quality construction and minimal impact on ongoing operations.


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The Backstory

BC’s construction industry is incredibly competitive. In the Fall of 2019, there were 25,736 construction companies in BC, with 92% having fewer than 20 employees. In addition, the number of construction firms grew by 17% over the past five years.

The market for construction services is incredibly competitive in BC. To differentiate itself from the competition and accelerate growth, AFC Construction turned to Outsource Marketing in November 2015 for help. 

Like many construction firms in the province, AFC faces fierce competition. Many of their rivals are bigger, with a larger portfolio of relevant projects, and greater geographic reach. And with deeper pockets, many of their competitors leveraged their larger marketing budgets to deploy highly effective marketing and brand building strategies.

AFC Construction wanted a marketing strategy that helped them compete with its larger rivals, expand geographically, and secure additional Construction Management (CM) projects. In the short-term, they wanted to present a more professional, polished brand image and communicate their value proposition more consistently.  

Our Plan of Action

Our marketing engagement with AFC Construction began with the development of a marketing strategy and detailed plan that was aligned with their business plan, revenue objectives and profit drivers. AFC recognized the need to develop strategic relationships with influencers, increase brand awareness, and that differentiation was proving to be increasingly important in a competitive, crowded market

In addition to a new logo and tagline, we built a lead-generating website for AFC Construction that was designed to articulate their value proposition better and instill confidence amongst potential new clients.

Increasing “relationship” based work was also part of Outsource Marketing’s remit. We advocated a new, evidence-based approach to increasing referrals and helped implement an outreach campaign (direct mail, telephone, presentation/ meeting), targeting Architects.


We continue to support AFC Construction’s marketing efforts – nearly five years after the kick-off of our first project together. In addition to their website, and helping to implement many facets of their marketing plan, Outsource Marketing authors several winning proposals every year for AFC C

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