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Technaflora Plant Products

Canadian owned and operating out of their BC-based manufacturing facility, Technaflora has an impressive catalogue of outstanding plant nutrients and additives. Unique items like Awesome Blossoms, Rootech Cloning Gel and SugarDaddy confirm the company’s leadership in the specialty gardening market. Their products have proven popular to a wide cross section of growers, including those cultivating cannabis. 


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The Backstory

Technaflora manufacturers 15 different plant nutrients and supplements that can be purchased at Home and Garden retail stores throughout Canada, the US, and in select European locations.

When Technaflora contacted Outsource Marketing in December 2018, their industry was being severely disrupted. Just a few months earlier, in October 2018, cannabis for recreational use became legal in Canada. The Cannabis Act, Bill C-45, authorized large, licensed producers of cannabis throughout Canada, and created a whole new sales channel for Technaflora as a result.    

However, the legalization of cannabis ushered in new challenges as well. Technaflora is confronting new players in the plant nutrients and supplement space and increased competition from existing players.

Our Plan of Action

For many of our clients, traditional marketing techniques are giving way to digital marketing strategies that are designed with modern customers and businesses in mind. The same held true for Technaflora.

Based upon our research and extensive experience serving the marketing needs of similar firms, the strategy we developed for Technaflora was designed to achieve seven, well-defined objectives, namely: a powerful brand, clear positioning, effective target market segmentation, digital and traditional lead generation and capture, lead nurturing, data-driven marketing, and marketing automation.

After a detailed marketing plan was authored by Outsource Marketing and approved by Technaflora, we got down to the business of implementation. We began by designing and developing a new website with Medium Rare Interactive, supported by a comprehensive lead generation and brand building strategy.

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