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Merit Kitchens Cabinetry was founded in 1971 by Vancouver-based craftspeople providing Western Canada with high-quality kitchen cabinets. The company has long since grown into a world-class supplier of beautiful cabinetry, representing superior quality and extraordinary value. Today, Merit’s cabinetry can be found in homes throughout Canada, the United States, and parts of Asia.


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The Backstory

Like many clients that hire Outsource Marketing, Merit Kitchens’ marketing had not kept up with the growth and success of the business.

From its manufacturing facility in Surrey, BC, Merit Kitchens was shipping semi-custom kitchen cabinets to its network of dealers throughout Canada, the US, and Asia. Though the business was enjoying success, Merit Kitchens was looking for a marketing agency that would help them create greater clarity on their brand positioning, author a new marketing plan, manage their social media channels, and build out two new websites.

Merit Kitchens also manufactures Lectus Cabinets. Lectus Cabinets, introduced in 2012, offer discerning homeowners a value-driven balance of price, quality, and choice. Though Lectus Cabinets was originally launched as a stand-alone brand, Merit Kitchens tasked Outsource Marketing with developing a strategy that better positioned the Merit Kitchens and Lectus Cabinet brands – allowing them to co-exist in the minds of consumers peacefully.  

Our Plan of Action

We began our engagement with Merit Kitchens by better understanding its business objectives, industry dynamics, and competitor positioning. We identified an opportunity to create compelling brand strategies for both Merit Kitchens and Lectus Cabinets.

Effectively positioning a product requires that it occupy an exclusive space in the consumers’ mind. And that everything you do, from a marketing, sales and customer-experience perspective, reinforces that product positioning. Consumers must quickly and easily understand what makes your product different and why it is uniquely qualified to meet their needs (and wants).

Where did we find a strong and defendable product position? It often sits at the centre of three concentric circles – what your client values, what your firm can deliver, and the weaknesses of your competitors’ product offering.

Creating a compelling product positioning strategy was just the beginning of our work with Merit Kitchens. To operationalize our marketing strategy, we helped design and develop two new websites, one for Merit Kitchens and Lectus Cabinets, alongside our web partner Relentless Technology. Our work also involved designing a new logo for Lectus Cabinets, managing the social media marketing for both brands, and designing a wide range of marketing and sales pieces.

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