Brand Strategy and Web Copy

Merit Kitchens

Website Strategy and Copy

Project Description:

The key to this project was finding a unique, compelling brand position for Lectus Cabinets. Effectively positioning a product requires that it occupy an exclusive space in the consumers’ mind. And that everything you do, from a marketing, sales and customer-experience perspective reinforces that product positioning. Consumers must quickly and easily understand what makes your product different, and why it is uniquely qualified to meet their needs (and wants).

Where do you find a strong and defendable product position? It often sits at the centre of three concentric circles – what your client values, what your firm can deliver, and the weaknesses of your competitors’ product offering.

Launched in 2012, Lectus Cabinets was a new brand from Merit Kitchens. Merit Kitchens has been manufacturing kitchen and bathroom cabinets under the same brand for over 40 years. In addition to creating a compelling brand position for Lectus Cabinets, we needed to be sure to appeal to a different target market from the Merit Kitchens brand of cabinetry.



This is what the home page looks like


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