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If so, look no further. We provide entrepreneurs and business leaders in Vancouver and beyond with professionally written and persuasive business plans. You’ll need to present a compelling business plan to potential lenders and investors, of course, but the value of a solid plan doesn’t end there.

Our business plan writers know what it takes to secure financing because they’ve been there. Having worked across multiple industries, they know how to represent your business to lenders in a clear, concise and compelling way.

Once you’ve secured funding, you should be able to rely on your business plan to guide your efforts during the critical start-up phase. Our professional business plan writers will think through your business venture carefully and strategically, asking you the right questions to help clarify and perfect your vision. You can then implement these strategies, in the real world, to keep your venture on track.

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The Value of a Professionally Written Business Plan

Funding is the lifeblood of a business. Without it, you simply can’t get the resources you need to cover start-up costs, buy equipment or deliver your product or service to customers. Without proper funding, expansion is also impossible, and new ideas wither on the vine before they can bear fruit. A lack of capital can also prevent a business from pivoting, forcing you to turn away from growth opportunities rather than embracing them.

Our Vancouver-based business plan writers will help you seize new opportunities. Even a great idea looks risky when wrapped in a poorly written business plan. But a professional plan presents your objectives in a way that stands out from the pack and persuades investors that you’re a strong investment candidate.

The Benefits of Hiring A Professional Business Plan Writer

Objectivity: A professional consultant will look at your business plan objectively with a clear head and fresh eyes, identifying potential weaknesses and missed opportunities. Strengthening weak spots improves the chances of your business acquiring funding in the short term and thriving over the long haul.

Knowledge:You’ll also find that our business planning experts provide a wealth of knowledge. They understand precisely what business investors and lenders are looking for, and they’ll make sure your business plan has it. It’s smart to add a business planning expert to your team of specialized professionals.

 ROI: You can also expect to get a fantastic return on your investment when working with a business plan writer in Vancouver. Your business plan is the foundation on which you’ll build your professional life. Get it right, and you’ll be reaping the rewards for years to come.


What a Top-Notch Business Plan Looks Like

Business lenders and investors sift through stacks of proposals every day. Given their tremendous workload, these professionals don’t waste much time on poorly written or confusing business plans. Your plan needs to quickly, clearly and concisely convince readers that you have a viable idea worthy of further examination and consideration.

What you say in your business plan matters, but so does how you say it – the appearance, structure and design of your plan matter nearly as much as its message. No one will invest in you if you don’t create a robust professional appearance, as well as a compelling business case.

A professional document includes

CheckmarkExecutive SummaryCheckmarkBusiness Overview
CheckmarkProduct/Service DescriptionCheckmarkThe Competition
CheckmarkMarket AnalysisCheckmarkOperating Plan
CheckmarkSales and Marketing PlanCheckmarkHuman Resources Plan
CheckmarkFinancial PlanCheckmarkBusiness Model
Description/Revenue Source
CheckmarkPlan Risks and Mitigation Strategies

What A Successful Business Plan Looks Like
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About Your Vancouver-based Business Writer at Outsource Marketing

As a local business plan writer, I serve both Vancouver proper and the surrounding areas, particularly the Lower Mainland. I’ve been a successful business owner for the last decade, helping those who need assistance in writing professional business documents.

With the help of my team and me, we’ve produced many successful business proposals and plans that have helped clients secure necessary funding and projects to grow their businesses.

In addition to numerous senior leadership positions, I have earned a BA of Economics at Western University, an MBA at McGill University, and an International Business Degree at the Stockholm School of Economics.

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