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Ready to Win Your Next Proposal? Our Vancouver Proposal Writers Will Help.

One of our Vancouver proposal writers may just be the key to winning your next submission. The competition is fierce and evaluators are demanding. And you are busy delivering projects. But it’s critical to maintain a steady flow of new projects to keep you and your team productive.

A ‘cut and paste’ job from your last submission won’t help you win your next bid or tender.

The difference between proposal success and failure is often razor-thin. But with our expertise and proven proposal system, your chances of success are significantly better. A winning submission demands a focused, concerted effort. It requires a diversity of skills, including:

CheckmarkStrategists that create a winning pursuit strategy
CheckmarkProposal writers and editors that author score-maximizing responses
CheckmarkGraphic designers that bring a submission to life
CheckmarkProject managers that keep the proposal process moving forward, ensuring every requirement is met, and deliver the submission on time with minimal stress.


Just Like You, We Love to Win Proposals

We love helping Vancouver firms, just like yours, dramatically improve their chances of bid success.

Over the past five years, we’ve written hundreds of tender submissions for firms in Vancouver, and throughout BC. Some took just a few days to prepare. Other, more complex submissions, consumed members of our team for months. As a result, we’ve perfected the art of tailoring our service offering to fit the needs and budget of our business-to-business, or B2B, clients.

With each submission, our bid writing process gets stronger, and our team more capable of delivering a winning bid, RFQ or RFP.

Most importantly, we are always looking for opportunities to improve and provide our clients that winning edge. And it’s helped create a verifiable track record of success.

Our Vancouver Proposal Writers Have Won Bids and Tenders Across Canada

A Track-Record of Proposal Writing Success

When it comes to developing a winning submission, there is no substitute for proposal writing experience. For over 10 years, we’ve been delivering professionally written proposals for a wide range of professional services firms.

Our extensive list of winning proposals includes projects across Canada and the United States. Furthermore, Outsource Marketing’s proposal experience includes nearly every project type and market sector.

Why Choose Outsource Marketing for Your Next Proposal Writing Assignment?

Outsource Marketing obsesses over the details. We look for every opportunity to increase your proposal score. We execute winning bid and tender strategies and create beautifully designed submission that evaluators enjoy reading. Most importantly, our firm wants to win as much as you do. And we have the results to prove it.


Based on the submissions we’ve completed so far in 2020, our proposal win rate exceeds 60%. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your next bid opportunity, and explain how Outsource Marketing can significantly improve your chances of success.

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